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BlackRock Explores Cryptocurrency ETF

BlackRock, the world’s largest financial asset manager, has announced that they are looking at creating a new ETF with holdings focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We look at how this would open up the digital currency market to a huge inflow of institutional and private investor money.

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Coinbase Preps for 5 New Coins, Security Tokens

Coinbase may soon add five new coins to their trading platform: Stellar, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Z-Cash, and 0x. They’ve also been approved to acquire three companies that deal with securities trading, setting the stage for Coinbase to sell security tokens.

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SEC Declares Bitcoin and Ethereum are Not Securities

The SEC has officially decided that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not to be treated as “securities.” As “commodities,” they do not need to be registered or follow the same regulations that companies do when they sell shares or stocks on the private market.

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Majority Attacks – How Hackers Seize 51% Of A Network and Profit

When a hacker manages to gain control of a cryptocurrency mining network, they have the ability to reverse transactions, print new currency for themselves, and more. How they gain control of a network varies – but is becoming increasingly common, and easy, with GPU systems that can be rented by the hour. We look at majority attacks (51% attacks) and some of the biggest majority attacks in cryptocurrency history.

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Bitcoin’s Future: Major Banks and Investment Groups Buying Into Bitcoin

Clearly, financial institutions are taking notice that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are not just part of a passing trend. As these recent announcements highlight, not only are traditional financial institutions entering the digital currency market, they are entering with varying business models. This increase in capital and financial acumen has the potential to push the digital currency industry to new heights.

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